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Redesign of Country Bean
  • –Country Bean is a direct-to-consumer coffee brand that aims to provide a cafe-like coffee experience at home.

  • – It is the first flavored coffee brand from India.

  • –Aditi Somani Satnaliwala – Founder

  • –The company launched in 2018 as India's first flavored coffee brand and have served over 4,00,000+ customers since.

  • –They offer flavored instant coffee and other products that enhance the enjoyment of coffee.

  • Headquarters : Kolkata, West Bengal, India Business Model : B2C,  B2B   Founding Date : 2017

  • –Form : freeze dried coffee granules

  • –Package info : Glass Jar

  • –Flavours : Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla, Cocoa Mint, Original and Strawberry Cheesecake

  • –Caffeine content : 4.32g

Problem faced :

  1. –The reason why I have chosen to redesign this coffee brand : Country bean is because I am a coffee lover and love to try different flavours of it.

  2. The main aim of the brand is to give their customers a café like experience at home which is a great USP.

  3. –So being a design student, the first thing which attracts to me is the color with which a specific flavour is associated. Even the aesthetics of it has to be a priority. So, I feel that the outside packaging is not that attractive as it only is perceived as solid color blocks.

  4. –There can be some illustrations or any pattern which would help to easily attract more customers at a glance.

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